Why become a member

With FPInnovations, you get greater value, benefits and results. Enjoy exclusive benefits and increase your global competitiveness through research, knowledge transfer and implementation.

What you get as a member


The advantages:

Access a wide R&D network

Influence R&D; be an active part of program planning committees

Access new technology, before everyone else, for less

Receive substantial savings on our products and services

Receive technical results through reports, newsletters, seminars, conferences and training opportunities

Access a network of experts: get free consultations, technical advice, troubleshooting and technical updates you need, when you need it



Relevant, timely R&D programs

Member companies can become stakeholders in the collaborative R&D initiatives that are central to the FPInnovations business model. Steer research towards the precise needs of the industry. Participate. Profit.

For more information:

Forest Operations membership brochure

Primary Wood Products membership brochure

Secondary Wood Products membership brochure


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