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Smart Operator for Forestry

Learn how to operate and maintain logging machines to lower their energy intensity, or fuel per cubic metre of wood. Understanding the factors that drive energy intensity, how to track your fuel use, and optimum machine replacement cycles can help you save on fuel costs and boost productivity by up to 10%. Call us to host a three-hour workshop in your community, or view the content at your own pace through a series of five online presentations.


Dash Cams in Forestry Haul Operations

The majority of forestry haul traffic in Canada must drive on public roads as part of their duty cycles, and thus, they interact with everyday road users and carry the inherent risks of driving in increased traffic. Dash cams (dashboard cameras) are a relatively new safety tool and are gaining popularity in commercial transport where they can be used as an aftermarket solution for documenting accidents and driving behaviors.


Fuel consumption for logging trucks

This database helps assess haul rates and benchmark fleet energy efficiency. Available to members only.


Fuel management 101 for forestry fleets

This one-day course helps fleet managers prepare a fuel management plan for their company or logging fleet. They will learn how to prepare a fleet inventory and calculate current consumption, review the costs and benefits of various fuel saving options, and then put together an action plan to sell to management. Finally, it looks at how to monitor and track the plan’s success once it is in place. Contact us for more information on organizing a free session.


Natural gas trucks

Natural gas trucks are not new, but recent improvements in the technology and increases in diesel fuel costs have created renewed interest in these trucks.


SmartDriver for forestry trucks

This full-day course teaches drivers and owner-operators how to cut fuel costs with fuel efficient driving techniques. They will also learn how to spec and maintain vehicles to reduce fuel. Course facilitators use real-life scenarios, discussion and mini-quizzes to help participants get the most out of the training. As driver training can help a company reduce its consumption by 5-10%, this free one-day course is time well spent. Contact us for more information on organizing a session.


Steep grade descent guidelines for log trucks

These tools have been developed to assist the forest industry conduct risk assessments on grades greater than 18%. They provide recommended maximum payloads and speeds for specified road conditions (traction levels, grade, length of grade).



Truck costing and rate calculation spreadsheet

This spreadsheet helps the user to evaluate the hourly cost per tonne or per m3 of running a log or chip truck. Equations are supplied that will estimate any truck’s fuel consumption based on its weight and for four classes of roads (paved, Class 1, 2 and 3 gravel). It includes a fuel calculator that will adjust the rate based on changing fuel prices as well as a table to determine rates from different stands (based on distance of road types). Contact us to get your copy.


Truck specification assistance

FPInnovations has many years of experience in spec’ing the right truck for the job. We can review your truck specs to make sure they are as productive and as fuel efficient as possible. The focus is on optimizing a truck’s energy intensity, maximizing payload while minimizing fuel consumption. Contact us for more information.


Trucking efficiency workshop

Designed for everyone implicated in forest trucking, from drivers to managers, this course covers a broad range of topics geared toward helping companies be more energy efficient, cut costs and improve the bottom line. In three hours, the workshop covers energy efficiency programs, driving techniques to reduce fuel use, on-board computer systems, establishing performance incentive programs and vehicle spec’ing. It is also an opportunity to learn about FPI’s many products and technology research projects that can support companies in achieving their ROI goals. Contact us for more information on organizing a free session.


Vehicle dynamics and stability analysis

Thinking of introducing a new truck configuration? Want to examine the safety of your present trucks? FPInnovations has the expertise to and knowledge to determine whether a truck configuration meets the standard truck stability performance indicators used by provincial regulators. Contact us for more information.