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FPSuite operational monitoring platform


FPSuite is an integrated process control platform for forestry operations. FPSuite includes three modules which when combined can improve the efficiency and reduce the costs of many aspects of forest operations. They are: FPDat, FPTrak, and FPCom.


Distributors for the FPSuite platform:


Alberta & British Columbia

Timbernorth Consulting (TNC)
Cary Gulka; 780-675-7901


Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

    KBM Resources Group
    Stéphane Audet; 807-345-5445


    Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & PEI

    Hitech Communications Ltd
    Murray Caines; 709-634-3000



    Jean-François Houle; 514-782-4510 


For more information on FPSuite, visit



This hardware tool with proprietary software helps obtain accurate information on machine productivity and as a result boost operational profitability. MultiDAT is made and distributed in Canada by Castonguay Électronique Inc.
Please consult the manufacturer's website for the name of a dealer in your region.