Precision Forestry


FPInnovations’ Precision Forestry Group develops software and electronic tools to allow members to gather and analyze data from all phases of their forest operations. Our FPSuite operational monitoring platform, consisting of FPDat, FPCom and FPTrak, provides the framework for efficiently collecting and centralizing vital information in real-time, and on a single platform, facilitating continuous improvement and efficiency gains in forest operations.

We invite you to contact your local distributor if you require support or for any questions you may have. You can also reach us at our toll free number, 1-855-637-5434 for general inquiries related to our technology platform.



Research focus areas:

The development done on the FPSuite operational monitoring platform target:

  • Acquiring vital information on equipment performance and production during all phases of operations via:
    • Deployment of FPDat Transport
    • Developing an intelligent road maintenance management system
  • Transferring information between the field and the office seamlessly and at the lowest cost possible via:
    • Development of a process to transfer StanForD production files from mobile equipment computers to a web-based production monitoring platform
    • Developing data transfer systems between on-board dataloggers and mobile devices
  • Centralizing all relevant information in a single monitoring and management platform via:
    • General development of the FPDat/FPTrak platform
  • Using the gathered information to better manage the operations, react to deviations from plans, and improve planning and overall performance.