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Nova Scotia Innovation Hub

The emerging global bio-economy presents an opportunity for Nova Scotia’s renewable bio-resource sector (forest, agricultural, ocean, and municipal solid waste). Nova Scotia is well positioned to lead in providing lowcarbon solutions that will also enhance economic prosperity in the province. The creation of an Innovation Hub (iHub) is a first and critical step toward this outcome and will foster strong collaboration among all stakeholders, including FPInnovations. It will determine the primary actions required to establish a compelling value proposition to attract and support an industrial cluster of bio-based processing and manufacturing industries, including a liquid fuel biorefinery.

While year 1 has been successfully completed, the full project roster for 2017–2018 is still in development. The Forest Operations division iHub projects that have started are those under Transportation and Infrastructure. FPInnovations will conduct activities related to two main areas: maximizing payloads on restricted routes; and implementing technology to improve energy efficiency, productivity, and safety.

Value Proposition for a Biorefinery in Nova Scotia

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