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Residual Harvesting – Best Practices

This presentation is meant for resource managers interested in further utilization of logging residuals. Topics covered include a description of residual piles and components, and outline best practices for both primary and secondary harvesters.

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BiOS app

This app calculates roadside biomass volumes and potential greenhouse gas (GHG) benefits in real time. This app is designed specifically for tablets.

Best Management Practices for Access to Quality Forest Feedstocks

The objective of this guide is to assess the economic benefits of best management practices on feedstock quality and process improvement for the bioenergy sector.

Best Management Practices for Integrated Harvest Operations in British Columbia

This 48-page guide presents biomass handling guidelines that outline suggested step-by-step processes to be followed by the primary and secondary industries.

DiagFor online survey for contractors

This online questionnaire was designed as a continuous improvement tool for forest contractors.


This web-based tool provides a quick estimate of harvesting systems’ productivity and costs for comparison.


An integrated process control platform for forestry operations, FPSuite consists of a range of software tools and technologies which can help reduce costs and improve many aspects of forest operations efficiency. They are:

FPDat / FPTrak / FPCom

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Ash Spreading Calculator

This Excel spreadsheet tool helps the user evaluate the costs involved in spreading ash and/or biosolids on forest lands. Benchmark information on machine productivity and costs is supplied, but the user is able to enter site specific information.