Fibre Supply


Through innovative harvesting approaches, ensure a cost-competitive, safe and sustainable supply of timber and biomass products while also developing effective forest renewal strategies and techniques.

Maximizing value recovery and reducing harvesting costs while improving the safety and sustainability of harvesting practices and developing innovative approaches to accessing additional fiber (e.g. steep slopes, marginally-economic forests, salvage operations), the fibre supply program ensures a reliable and cost-competitive supply chain of timber and biomass feedstocks to Canadian mills. The program is also at the forefront of research and development into technologies and prescription tools that help the industry meet increasingly complex silvicultural and forest management challenges. Through our research, we offer members, partners and contractors a range of software, tools, training packages, technologies, databases and publications that support their operations.

Main research focus areas:

  • Supply chain efficiency (timber & biomass)
  • Planning tools and strategies
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Regeneration tools and techniques
  • Biomass availability, quality & costs
  • Contractors & work force