Mass Timber Construction


FPInnovations’ Advanced Building Systems team is a world leader in the advancement of mass timber building products and systems that are driving a renaissance in wood-based construction. Mass timber is the name used for a suite of wood-based building products such as cross-laminated timber, glued-laminated timber, and structural composite lumber. They offer significant acoustic, seismic, fire, energy, and vibration performances. Sustainable and cost-effective, these engineered wood building components are opening the door to new possibilities for wood-based structures, whether single-family homes, mid-rise, or high-rise constructions.

Our research team is dedicated to providing early adopters with the tools to create structures that would showcase the potential of mass timber, including technical guides, testing facilities, and modeling and analysis. At the same time, we provide information to building authorities to facilitate acceptance of such projects by using the alternative solutions path in building codes.