Focus Area



Advanced Building System’s acoustics research is focused on developing sound insulation solutions for wood buildings. Our work covers acoustical design and construction issues including the development of design provisions and guidelines for the sound insulation of wood-based construction, as well as installation guides. We aim to provide viable and cost-effective sound solutions that will contribute to a broader acceptance of advanced wood-based building systems.

Our Services

In addition to research, we provide a wide range of services to assist architects, engineers, producers, builders, and contractors in achieving their target sound transmission levels to satisfy their clients, including:

  • Evaluation of acoustic performance of finishing, underlayment and topping materials&
  • Development of solutions for floor and wall sound insulation
  • Laboratory measurement of FSTC/ASTC for various floor and wall systems
  • Laboratory measurement of FIIC/AIIC for various floor systems
  • Field inspections of floor and wall assemblies
  • Field measurements on floor and wall assemblies to determine their FSTC/ASTC and FIIC/AIIC
  • Development of remedial solutions for unsatisfactory floor and wall systems
  • Measurement of insulation properties of finishing, membrane, underlayment, and topping materials
  • Development of state-of-the art technical handbooks to aid expansion of existing and implementation of new structural systems in mid- and high-rise buildings.
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