PIT - Performance Innovation Transport

The objective of the Performance Innovation Transport (PIT) program is to offer customized technological solutions and assistance to fleet managers who want to reduce the cost and environmental impact of their operations or improve operational safety.

PIT program clients are managers of truck fleets, municipal fleets and public service fleets. Although they are required to make major business decisions, these managers do not always have access to state-of-the-art knowledge or resources that would enable them to implement and make best use of technologies now needed to meet their objectives. The PIT program’s main goal is to provide this assistance.

Various levels of government also use PIT’s services to put in place legislation or governmental programs well adapted to the needs of fleet managers. For example, by joining PIT, municipalities can be better equipped to achieve energy efficiency objectives, while benefiting from the unique expertise of FPInnovations' team of experienced engineers and technicians. Lastly, technology suppliers can count on PIT expertise to check the impact or increase the efficiency of their technologies.

Solutions developed under the PIT program involve choosing energy-efficient technologies, providing assistance for technology implementation and identifying intelligent transport or range finding solutions. In particular, PIT’s Energotest ™ program allows, among other things, to:

  • Identify technologies that help improve the energy performance of vehicles;
  • Develop a decision-making tool for each of these technologies to ensure maximum return on investment;
  • Provide assistance to managers to ensure their efforts to implement technology have the greatest possible impact.

In order to effectively meet the needs of its member organizations, the PIT program always conducts its tests with the vehicles and personnel of these organizations. Moreover, owing to strategic alliances forged with various groups, PIT is positioned as a one-stop shop for all the needs of its members and clients in the area of innovative transport technology.

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