FPInnovations’ MidplyTM system used in Japan

The MidplyTM shear wall system, which provides superior resilience to severe earthquakes and extreme winds, was chosen for the construction of a five-storey, wood building in Japan.

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Aboriginal Forestry Support Program

FPInnovations is helping Aboriginal communities to create jobs and wealth as well as developing and enhancing forestry and wood products businesses.

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What is FPInnovations?

A world where products from sustainable forests contribute to every aspect of daily life

Shaping the Future: Strategic action plan 2015-2020

We’re stepping up to shape a thriving future. See our ambitious vision designed to take us there.

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​Read the review of some of our most exciting project results from the past year.

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Build tall with wood!

Get your copy of the Technical Guide for the Design and Construction of Tall Wood Buildings in Canada.

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Mid-rise wood frame construction

Get your copy of the Mid-Rise Wood Frame Construction Handbook.

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