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Climate Change and Resource Roads: Are you at risk? Presented by Mark Partington, Senior Researcher, Transportation and Infrastructure, FPInnovations.

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December 13, 2018 1-2 PM, Quebec Time 2-3 PM, Atlantic Time 10-11 AM, Pacific Time

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The forecasted changes in precipitation and temperature associated with climate change are expected to create impacts to resource roads that will affect the performance of infrastructure. Increased flooding, landslides and erosion can adversely impact the function or service life of roads and infrastructure while more frequent mid-winter thaws and rain-on-snow events, for example, will have a broader impact on operational planning and road construction standards.
This webinar will present the anticipated climate change impacts on resource roads, outline a methodology to assess risk and vulnerability and will highlight operational practices to reduce resource road risks to climate change.
For more information or to register, please contact the following individuals, based on your region:
Anne Lebrun-Ruff, Atlantic

Mark Kube, Alberta

Colin Koszman, British Columbia

Guyta Mercier, Quebec

Glen Prevost, Ontario




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