Developing an innovation hub

A cornerstone of the Canadian forest innovation system is the innovation hub.

FPInnovations has been a catalyst in creating an innovation hub for the forest sector involving the industry, governments, universities, suppliers and the innovation capacity of FPInnovations.

The hub brings together stakeholders with diversified backgrounds who share one common bond – to see the industry thrive through the development and deployment of innovation and what that means for a sustainable future.

A place where things come together, the hub enables the convergence of three essential strengths for our sector’s future development and market alignment, namely: industry initiative and capital, innovative R&D and engineering resources, and financial support from government partners.

The innovation hub has been playing a key role in achieving a common vision of a Canadian forest products industry that powers Canada’s new economy by being green, innovative and open to the world, as well as a place to grow and prosper.

FPInnovations entertains a special collaboration with Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC), its goals and vision. FPInnovations fully supports FPAC's vision 20/20.

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  • Acadian Timber / AT Limited Partnership
  • Acier Ecan (Division of Acier AGF)
  • Adfast Corporation (Adchem Adhesives)
  • AEF Global
  • Agropur
  • Ainsworth Lumber Co.
  • Airex Industries
  • Akzo Nobel Bois Peintures
  • Alberta Newsprint Company
  • Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries
  • Alpa Lumber
  • Altec Integrated Solutions
  • Ameublement Tanguay
  • Arch Wood Protection Canada
  • Architectures Toubois
  • Armoires Distinction
  • Arrow Transportation
  • Art Massif Structure de bois
  • Artopex
  • Autolog
  • AV Cell
  • AV Nackawick
  • Barrett Enterprises
  • BC Hydro
  • BC Transmission Corporation
  • Bégin & Bégin
  • Bherco
  • Big Freight System
  • Bison Transport
  • Boa-Franc
  • Bois Ditton
  • Bois Expansion
  • Bois Franc Model
  • Bois Franc Mont-Royal
  • Boisaco
  • Boise Cascade AllJoist
  • Boucher Bros. Lumber
  • Bourassa Transport
  • Boutin Transport
  • BP Building Products of Canada/
    La Cie matériaux de construction BP Canada
  • Buckman Canada
  • Cabico
  • Canadian National Railway
  • Canadian Tire
  • Canfor
  • Cariboo Pulp & Paper Company
  • Cascades Transport
  • CAT
  • CGER
  • Chantiers de Chibougamau (Les)
  • CNTL
  • Coast Tsimshian Resources
  • Conair Group
  • Conception R.P.
  • Conférence régionale
    des Élus du Bas-Saint-Laurent
  • Conférence régionale
    des Élus de la Côte-Nord
  • Conférence régionale des Élus Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine
  • Coopérative Forestière
  • Coopérative Forestière
    de la Matapédia
  • Coopérative Forestière
    de Petit Paris
  • Coopérative Forestière
    de Ste-Rose
  • Coopérative Forestière Girardville
  • Coopérative Forestière
  • Coopérative Laterrière
  • Corporation Internationale
    Masonite (La)
  • Coulson Air Crane
  • Création Alpha Design
  • Damabois
  • Dava
  • Diacon Technologies
  • Distribution R. Désilets
  • DK-Spec
  • Domtar
  • Doucet Machineries
  • Dunin Technologies
  • EACOM Timber Corporation
  • East Fraser Fiber Company
  • Éloi Moisan
  • Équipements Comact
  • Escaliers Gilles Grenier
  • Federated Co-operatives
  • Fibrek
  • Florcan
  • G3 Transport
  • Genics
  • Gestion Forestière Lacroix
  • Gestion Rémabec
  • Giguère & Morin
  • Government of Alberta
  • Government of North
    West Territories
  • Government of Saskatchewan
  • Government of Yukon
  • Grand Island Express
  • Groupe Crête (Division of St-Faustin)
  • Groupe G.D.S.
  • Groupe Lebel (2004)
  • Groupe Luxorama (Le)
  • Groupe Morneau
  • Groupe NBG
  • Groupe Savoie
  • Hultdins
  • Hydro-Québec
  • Industries A.P. (Les)
  • Industries JSP (Les)
  • Industries Lacwood
  • Industries PHL
  • Interbois
  • International Forest Products
  • Island Timberlands
  • J.D. Irving
  • J.M. Champeau
  • J.O. Noël Houle et Fils
  • Janssen PMP
  • Jean Riopel
    (Division of Groupe Crête)
  • Kootenay Innovative Wood
  • Kop-Coat
  • Kruger
  • L&M Lumber
  • Laboratoire Primatech
  • Landes Forestières UAPATS
  • Laurentide Industriel (Division
    of Société Laurentide)
  • Lauzon Industries
  • Liebherr Canada
  • Lignol Innovations
  • Lincoln Paper & Tissue
  • Louisiana-Pacific Corporation
  • LP Engineered Wood Products
  • LVL Global
  • M.C. Forêt
  • Machineries Automatech (Les)
  • Machinerie Lico
  • Maibec
  • Manitoulin Transport
  • Manning Diversified Forest Products
  • Marcel Lauzon
  • Matériaux Blanchet
  • Matériaux Spécialisés de Louiseville
  • McRae Lumber Company
  • Meadow Lake OSB
  • Meubles Canadel
  • Meyers Transport
  • MGG, LCC Eco Fire Solutions
  • Microtec Industries
    North American
  • Mill & Timber Products
  • Millar Western Forest Products
  • Moncrief Renewables
  • MTQ
  • National Bank of Canada
  • NB Power
  • Northland Forest Products
  • Olofsfors Inc
  • Outils Gladu
  • Pacific Carbon Trust
  • Parquets Alexandra
  • Paul’s Hauling
  • Peinture Can-Lak
  • Planchers de bois-francs Wickham
  • Planchers des Appalaches
  • Planchers Mercier (Les)
  • Planit Canada
  • Porter Engineering
  • Portes Baillargeon (Les)
  • Portes Lemieux
  • PPG Industries
  • Preverco
  • Produits Forestiers Arbec
  • Produits forestiers Canbo
  • Produits Forestiers DG (Les)
  • Produits forestiers Lamco
  • Produits forestiers Temrex
  • Réné St-Cyr 1996
  • Richmond Plywood Corporation
  • Rio Tinto Minerals (U.S. Borax)
  • Rocky Wood Preservers
  • Roland Boulanger et Cie
  • RST Industries
  • Rustic Portes et fenêtres
  • Sawquip International
  • SAQ
  • Scierie Duhamel
  • Scierie SerDam
  • Scierie St-Fabien
  • Scieries Chaleur
  • SCS Forest Products
  • Séchoir MEC
  • Seven Islands Land Company
  • Silvana Import Trading
  • Simard cuisine et salle de bains
  • Simon Lussier
  • Sinclar Group Forest Products
  • Slave Lake Pulp
  • SLH Transport
  • Smart-Evolution
  • Sobeys
  • Solive Ajourée 2000
  • Spray Lake Sawmills (1980)
  • Stadacona (Division of
    White Birch Paper)
  • Stella Jones Canada
  • Structurlam Products
  • Stuwix Resources Joint Venture
  • Sundance Forest Industries
  • Sylviculture La Verendrye
  • Synergy Pacific Engineered Timber
  • Systèmes HMS Canada (Les)
  • Tecolam
  • Tembec
  • Tembec Resin Group
  • The Dow Chemical Company
  • The Sherwin-Williams Company
  • The Teal-Jones Group
  • Thermo Structure
  • Thermo Technologies,
    LLC Thermo-Gel
  • Timber Specialties
    (Division of Osmose Holdings)
  • TimberWest Forest
  • Tire Pressure Control International
  • Tolko Industries
  • Transport Canada
  • Transport Hervé Lemieux
  • Transport Robert
  • Transport TYT
  • Uniboard Canada
  • University of Northern British Columbia
  • USNR
  • VAB Solutions
  • Valspar
  • Vanderwell Contractors (1971)
  • Vanico-Maronyx
  • Vexco
  • Viance
  • Wagner Electronics
  • West Fraser Timber
  • Western Archrib
  • Western Forest Products
  • Westmill Industries
  • Weyerhaeuser
  • Whitecourt Transport
  • Wildfire Environmental
  • Winton Global
  • Whitefeather Forest Management
  • WoodPlus Coatings
  • Yanke


  • YN. Gonthier


  • Zavisha Sawmills


  • Zellstoff Celgar
    (Mercer International Group)


(Members list as at March 31, 2012) WFORG Members and Partners PIT Members


  • Government of Canada
    Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service

Provinces and territories

  • Government of Alberta
  • Government of British Columbia
  • Government of New Brunswick
  • Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Government of Northwest Territories
  • Government of Nova Scotia
  • Government of Ontario
  • Government of Québec
  • Government of Saskatchewan
  • Government of Yukon


  • Ville de Beaconsfield
  • Ville de Dollard-des-Ormeaux
  • Ville de Montréal – Borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro
  • Ville de Rivière-du-Loup
  • Ville de Saguenay
  • Ville de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
  • Ville de Shawinigan
  • Ville de Sherbrooke
  • Ville de Victoriaville
(As at March 31, 2012) WFORG Members and Partners PIT Members


570, boul. St-Jean
Pointe-Claire (QC) H9R 3J9

FORAC Research Consortium

Pavillon Adrien-Pouliot
1065, av. de la Médecine
Université Laval
Quebec (Québec) G1V 0A6

Athena Sustainable Materials Institute

119 Ross Avenue, Suite 100
Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 0N6
(en anglais seulement)

Forest Products Association of Canada

Suite 410–99 Bank Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 6B9

Canadian Wood Council

99 Bank Street,
Suite 400, Ottawa,
Ontario K1P 6B9

Homeowner Protection Office

Branch of BC Housing
Suite 650 – 4789 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC  V5H 0A3

Centre d’expertise sur la construction commerciale en bois

Quebec Wood Export Bureau

979, avenue de Bourgogne
Office 540
Québec (Québec) G1W 2L4

Centre for research & innovation
in the bio-economy

Suite C134, Shuniah Building
Confederation College
1450 Nakina Drive
Thunder Bay, ON

Wood enterprise coalition

Coalition BOIS Québec

979, avenue de Bourgogne
Bureau 540
Québec (Québec)  G1W 2L4



The Forest Innovation by Research and Education—FIBRE— is an organization that was established in October 2011 to build synergies among eight university networks funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) that are part of the NSERC Forest Sector R&D Initiative. As major partners of FPInnovations, these university networks have become key players within the forest sector innovation system to help transform the Canadian forestry sector. Their role in the training of highly qualified professionals is crucial at a time when the sector faces major workforce challenges.

Of the eight networks under FIBRE, seven are NSERC strategic networks: ForValueNet Network and Value Chain Optimization Network (both led by Laval University); Bioconversion Network (led by University of Guelph and University of British Columbia); LignoWorks (led by University of British Columbia); Green Fibre Network (led

by McGill University); Sentinel Bioactive Paper Network (led by McMaster University); and NEWBuildS (led by University of New Brunswick). The eighth network, ArboraNano—the Canadian Forest NanoProducts Network—is a Business-led Centre of Excellence.

FIBRE’s mandate comes from a partnership comprised of FPInnovations, NRCan, NSERC, and the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC).

Technical and business development support with First Nations communities continue to be a priority in FPInnovations’ efforts to build a viable and sustainable forestry sector across the country.

Technical support has been on-going for many years, most notably in provinces such as BC where FPInnovations’ BC First Nations Technical Support Program has been working with numerous Aboriginal communities since 2006.

In other parts of the country such as Québec and Labrador, cooperation agreements between FPInnovations, the First Nations of Québec and Labrador and Forêt modèle du Lac-Saint-Jean have been signed. They are considered to be an important first step in the acquisition and the sharing of technical knowledge in the fields of forestry operations, silviculture, transportation, primary and secondary transformation, and bioenergy.

And in Saskatchewan, work has been done with Western Economic Diversification Canada and the Saskatchewan government to help Aboriginal peoples and communities in Saskatchewan improve entrepreneurial efforts necessary tor marketplace success.

FPInnovations hopes to build on its experience with aboriginal communities and continue to grow its business relationships with First Nations groups in need of technical expertise.

Company Technology
AEF Global WoodDry
BASF Highly filled papers, using latex
Capstu Crepe sensor technology
Castonguay Electronics MultiDat software
CDWare On board weigh scale computer tool
Chempro Paper additive Technology-Microbiological Chitosan
Eco-Tec GAP System
PDP System
EKA Chemicals Canada Inc. Near Neutral Deinking S-QUAD
Eurocon Fiber Wall Thickness (FWT) determination technology
Kemira Chemicals PEO Cofactor
Lorentzen & Wettre Felt Permeability Tester
Mandel Scientific Co. Automated Pulp Kappa Measurement Technology
Metso Automation Refiner Control Technology
NORAM Engineering & Constructors Paprilox
Lignin Recovery Technology
PDP System
GAP System
Optest Equipment Inc. Autofeeder
Micro Scanner
Paper Machine Components Inc. Papritech technology
Premier Gear & Machine works Veneer Incising
Process Measurements & Controls Inc. Gas Content Sensor-Papritech
Sandvik New corrosion resistant alloy for boiler tubes
SCS Forest Products Inc. DryTrend
SMI Specialty Minerals Highly Filled Paper
Technidyne FPAutospeck
TEXO Consulting & Controls Inc. Control Technologies
Advanced Bleached Plant
Lime Kiln Technology
ClO2 Generator Control
Thynside Holdings Ltd Soda Recovery
Westmill Machine Technology used in moisture mapping