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Currently, more than half of the Canadian housing market is multi-family buildings, and the proportion is growing. Current code relaxation of the height and area limits for wood construction in certain jurisdictions removes barrier that limits the penetration of wood into the growing mid- to high-rise multi-family housing market, and opens new opportunities for use of wood-based products in the mid- to high-rise non-residential building market. It is expected that at least three wood buildings higher than 10 storeys will be built in Canada in the coming few years. However, considering the lightweight nature of wood, it becomes questionable as to whether wind-induced vibrations of tall wood buildings are an issue. To answer this question, FPInnovations has launched a research project to investigate the dynamic performance of wood buildings under wind conditions. This paper describes the research frame work, approach and some preliminary results in terms of buildings monitory, measured wood building natural frequencies and damping ratios.


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