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Wood frame construction in China is currently limited to 3-storey buildings, mainly due to fire risk perceptions. However, multi-storey (more than 3 storeys) wood frame buildings are gaining popularity around the globe, while providing an acceptable level of performance in regards to life safety to occupants and property protection. The report summarizes current Chinese and North American fire safety measures with respect to building height and areas, automatic sprinklers, surface flammability of interior finishes, fire resistance of structural & separate elements, spatial separation between buildings as well as means of egress. While the focus is made on prescriptive fire safety design solutions, it also reviews performance-based fire design solutions, including computer modeling to demonstrate that wood frame construction performs well in a broad range of applications in China. It can be observed from this review that most fire safety provisions are similar in nature, whether the Chinese, Canadian or American provisions are applied. However, the Chinese code seems to be slightly more restrictive than the North American building codes with respect to wood-use allowances.


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