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Adequate levels of noise/sound control in multi-family buildings are mandatory requirements of building codes in Canada, the United States, Europe, and most developed Asian countries. In many jurisdictions, these requirements are as strictly enforced as those for structural sufficiency and fire safety. Much effort has been spent on evaluation of sound transmission class (STC) and impact sound insulation class (IIC) of floor and wall assemblies and on studies of flanking transmission in multi-family dwellings in Canada. However, little work has been done so far in Canada on the acoustic performance of CLT systems in construction. This chapter focuses mainly on the development of CLT floor and wall assemblies made of cross-laminated timber elements capable of good acoustic performance in residential, multi-residential and non-residential buildings in Canada and the USA. Existing generic floor and wall assemblies used in Europe are also presented in this chapter, as well as examples of floor assemblies tested in laboratories that could be used in the North American market.


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