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In order to address the lack of measured natural frequencies and damping ratios for wood and hybrid wood buildings, and lack of knowledge of vibration performance of innovative CLT floors and sound insulation performance of CLT walls and floors, FPInnovations conducted a series of performance testing at the Wood Innovation Design Centre (WIDC) in Prince George, BC in April 2014, during construction, and in May 2015, after building completion and during its occupation. The construction of the WIDC has provided a unique opportunity for FPInnovations and its partners to conduct non-destructive testing in order to measure the “as-built” priority aspects of the performance of a mid-rise wood building and its innovative CLT floors and walls. Ambient vibration testing was conducted on the building to determine its natural frequencies and damping ratios. Hammer impact testing was conducted on the selected innovative CLT floors to determine their fundamental natural frequencies and damping ratios. Static deflection testing was performed on the floors to measure their deflections under 1-kN point static load. Informal subjective evaluations were conducted on the floors to assess the floor vibration performance subjectively. Sound transmission tests were carried out on selected floor and wall assemblies after building completion to assess sound insulation performance. This report describes the building, tested floor and wall assemblies, test methods, and summarizes the test results. The preliminary performance data provides critical feedback on the design of the building for resisting wind-induced vibration and on the floor vibration controlled design. The data can be further used to validate the calculation methods and tools/models of dynamic analysis.


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