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This guide was developed by FPInnovations and its partners to assist in the design and construction of durable and energy‐efficient wood‐frame buildings in Alberta. The Province adopted the National Energy Code for Buildings 2011, as of November 1, 2016, in order to comply with the energy‐efficiency requirements for large buildings (Part 3). It is now also possible, with new building regulations, to build wood structures with a maximum of six storeys or 18 m height in Alberta. This guide aims to provide solutions for the building envelope (enclosure) of Part 3 wood buildings, particularly five‐ and six‐storey wood‐frame buildings, to meet the prescriptive thermal requirements of the new energy code. A range of wood‐based exterior wall and roof assemblies are covered, based on light wood frame or mass timber, and various thermal insulation materials are discussed. Effective R‐values are calculated based on typical thermal insulation values of commonly used materials. This document also covers key considerations for building envelope design to maintain long‐term durability in Alberta’s varied climate.


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