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Expansion in the primary lumber processing sector and contraction in the pulp and paper sector in Eastern Canada has created a growing surplus of wood chips in recent years and therefore a significant and urgent need in the industry to reduce chip production and/or to move a portion of these chips to international markets. Some industry contacts suggest even planning to move just 25% of existing stock would make a significant difference to production economics and still leave enough chips to meet domestic demand. Exact volumes of available chips and needs across Canada and in USA (as our nearest neighbor and competitor) was needed and has been researched and summarized here. Some of our previous analyses looked at international trade in woodchips and the phytosanitary requirements especially for Europe where imports currently remain restricted due to phytosanitary concerns. These analyses have been updated here. This project aims to deliver a simple road map, preliminary cost -benefit analysis, and list of potential solutions to support growth in the international market for excess Canadian woodchips.


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