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Field cut preservatives are needed to protect the cut ends and drilled holes made into preserved wood that expose the untreated interior. A series of alternative brush applied field cut preservatives in ground contact and above-ground exposures were assessed after 10 years in test. After 10 years in ground contact exposure, all of the untreated controls had failed or exhibited very advanced decay. In contrast, the copper naphthenate (2% Cu inmineral spirits) reference showed only low levels of decay in a few specimens. No decay was detected on specimens treated with copper azole. ACQ-D had similar levels of decay as the reference. After 10 years in an accelerated above-ground exposure, advanced decay was present on several of the untreated controls. In contrast, the copper naphthenate (2% Cu in mineral spirits) reference remained sound. Specimens treated with copper naphthenate (1% in water) and copper azole were also largely sound, with a few specimens showing early signs of decay.


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