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As in Canada, the country of India has a model national building code for design and construction of buildings. As British Columbia is advancing its promotion of the use of wood in India, knowing how the National Building Code of India (NBCI) is different from the National Building Code of Canada would be of interest and value. Forestry Innovation Investment (FII) contracted FPInnovations to carry out a preliminary comparison review of the National Building Code of India with particular respect to design of timber buildings. This report presents results of the review. NBCI 2016 (BIS, 2016) and NBCC 2015 (NRC, 2015) are the editions of the codes. Sections 2, 3 and 4 of this report give a brief overview or identify key parts or information on the content of the NBCI, the fire and life safety requirements and the structural design of timber, respectively. Section 5 provides comments on the differences. Section 6 provides recommendations for further in-depth review. A number of the data tables in the NBCI are reproduced in the Appendices of this report for easier referencing


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