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During May and June 1998, a series of forest fires in central Alberta had covered more than 370 000 ha of forest land. To minimize the volume losses associated with the fires, forest companies in the region and the Alberta Land and Forest Service were anxious to salvage as much burned timber possible. To provide information on the salvaging, sawmilling and pulping of burned wood, FERIC organized a workshop for companies and contractors affected by salvage operations. Nearly 200 people attended the workshop that was held in Whitecourt, Alberta on June 18th. The focus of the presentations was on the harvesting, sawmilling and pulping (including kraft, BCTMP and newsprint) of burned conifer and deciduous timber. However, other presentations included a brief review of the effect of fire damage on wood properties, composting wood residues and information on ring, rosser-head and flail debarkers. FERIC also presented information from studies it has undertaken on utilizing burned wood. These Proceedings summarize the presentations and the discussion during this workshop.


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