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Over the spring and summer of 1995, a series of forest fires in western Canada left forest companies with the task of salvaging large volumes of burned fibre. To provide FERIC member companies with current information on the salvaging, sawmilling and pulping of burned wood, FERIC organized a workshop for members directly affected by salvage operations. Twenty people representing five forest companies, two research institutes, the Alberta government, and one native band attended. The meeting was held in High Level, Alberta, in mid-November , 1995. One of the recommendations from that meeting was to convene a second meeting in the spring of 1996, to review the winter harvest season and to transfer experiences gained. Weyerhaeuser Canada (Saskatchewan) Limited hosted the follow-up workshop in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan on July 9-10, 1996. Eight people representing four forest companies, two research organizations and one provincial government attended. Forest company representatives included individuals with forestry, pulp mill and sawmilling expertise. These minutes summarize the presentations and the discussion relating to three general topics: the harvesting of burned timber, the sawmilling and pulping of burned fibre, the research being undertaken to utilize burned fibre, and recommendations for future research.


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